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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 31, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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falling victim to a four-month-long computer attack. they say the source was china. first a dangerous stand off in the middle east that has to do with one of our most important allies. syria and iran are fear use over an israeli airstrike inside the syrian border. they are now warning of retaliation. the details are sketchy. syrians say the israeli strike hit a research facility near damascus killing two workers. a senior u.s. official say the jets struck a convoy suspected of transporting weapons to hezbollah in lebanon. sara sidener joins us as well as fran townsend from new york. we have reports from the united states and reports from syria. is this the same or separate attacks? >> reporter: that's the thing that needed to be sorted today. we have heard from a u.s. official indeed there was just one attack. they say israeli planes did fly
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over and ended up hitting an area. the question is -- what is the difference? was it a convoy that was hit that had pieces and parts of missiles or was it this research facility that syria says the israelis hit that was damaged? there is confusion over what was hit or perhaps if it was one and the same incident. what we know from senior intelligence officials who have now left the intelligence agencies here in israel and we have talked to a few of them is that this particular research facility has been a facility that they know has been part of a chain of facilities that syria runs that have been trying to create unconventional weaponry. we are talking chemical weapons. however we are told this particular facility didn't have chemical weapons in it. however it was in a link. something that would help them move, for example, weaponry around. this facility we are hearing
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from intelligent sources was one in which very large missiles were made to be smaller so they could be transported. that is the key here. a lot of worry in israel that the weapons in syria are being transported across the border to lebanon into the hands of hezbollah which is a known enemy of israel. >> real quick here, sara. do we know if the syrians are threatening now to retaliate? >> they have given some inkling that it was unacceptable, b barbaric as they put it. we are not hearing the heightened language you often here targeted at israel. we heard it from iran. iran basically saying through their media that, yes, you know, telaviv could be a target, for example. but right now you're not hearing the kind of heightened language that's often used from syria or from lebanon itself, from hezbollah when it comes to
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israel. everyone's sort of wondering what's going to happen next. the people in the north of israel now concerned that there may be retaliation. it is a situation where israel has not confirmed any of this. they are keeping mum so far on this. there is a lot of information that we simply don't know. >> i want to bring fran into the conversation here. israel launches this military strike on a sovereign nation. the united states obviously very much loyal to israel. where do we stand in this? are we potentially now drawn into the conflict? >> you know, we've got to think back. remember there was an acknowledged israeli strike on a syrian facility. in the early going of the obama administration it was not an acknowledged nuclear site. it was hit by israel. there was no retaliation. so some of this has to do with the fact that israel has not made a statement, as sara said. the u.s. tried to stay quiet in
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terms of not adding any provocation to this. obviously we don't want to be drawn into a conflict. how everyone talks about it and what happens next really will determine whether or not there is a physical confrontation or whether this is just a battle of words. >> fran townsend, sara sidner, thank you very much. another story we are following. too cool to israel, too soft on iran. that's criticism facing defense secretary nominee chuck hagel a at his confirmation hearing happening now. is hagel urging the senate armed services committee to focus on his present, not past comments? in his opening statement he tried to set the record straight. >> during the is it years i had the privilege of serving the people of nebraska in the united states senate i cast over 3,000 votes. hundreds of committee votes. i have also a given hundreds of interviews and speeches and written a book.
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so as you all know, i am on the record. i am on the record on many issues, but no one individual vote, no one individual quote, no one individual statement defines me. my beliefs, my record. my overall world view has never changed. that america has and must maintain the strongest military in the world, that we must lead in the international community to confront threats and challenges together. and take advantage of opportunities together. that we must use all our tools of american power to protect our citizens and our interests. >> i want to bring in dana bash from capitol hill along with fran townsend who's back with us here. dana, give us a sense of the mood and tone in the hearing so far. do we think he's doing well in terms of convincing critics that
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he's the guy for the job? >> he's certainly trying. but he definitely has critics on a whole host of issues. we knew that going into it. they are not being shy about voicing some concerns across the globe of his position. north korea, about syria. about iran, israel and that he's even being asked about his position on gays in the military. and even religion in the military. those are some of the hot button issues that have people skeptical of him. so far, i don't think the ball has moved much with regard to democrats who for the most part will come out in support of him and republicans who are skeptical. only one has publically said he would vote for the former republican chuck hagel. he's not on the committee -- ben cochrane of mississippi. >> this is senator john mccain. they were best buds at one point. one of his big supporters. now certainly giving him a hard
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time during this hearing. i want you to listen to this exchange. >> you said, i disagreed with president obama, his decision to surge in iraq as i did with president bush on the surge in iraq. do you stand by those comments, senator hagel? >> well, senator, i stand by them because i made them. >> were you right? were you correct in your assessment? >> well, i would defer to the judgment of history to sort that out. >> the committee deserves your judgment as to whether you were right or wrong about the surge. >> i will explain why i made the comments. >> i want to know if you're right or wrong. that's a direct question. i expect a direct answer. >> the surge assisted in the objective. but if we review the record a little bit. >> will you please answer the question? i would like the answer whether you were right or wrong and then you are free to elaborate. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer.
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>> dana, how important is senator mccain in all of this? is he going to be able to block his possible confirmation? >> he's said publically he has no intention of actually blocking hagel's nomination. but he has said, in fact, said after that intense back and forth that the fact that hagel wouldn't answer whether or not he was mistaken in opposing the military surge in iraq that from his b point of view that was enough to potentially make mccain vote against him. by far that was the moment so far in the hearing for so many reasons. there are so many layers of plots here. first and foremost because of the fact that they know each other so well. they were so, so close, very close friends when they were -- beginning of senator hagel's senate career in the mid 90s. they diverged over that issue. john mccain was very much a
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proponent of the surge in iraq. chuck hagel was very much on the other side. the only thing i want to add is because they know each other well it was surprising that hagel didn't have a more clear answer ready. everybody who knows him knows he feels vindicated on the surge and the fact that hagel didn't have an answer was perplexing. >> thank you. i want to bring in fran to talk about this. fran, b you look at hagel. he's a vietnam veteran, somebody who really was in the trenches, potentially somebody who could talk and speak very directly to the generals. what kind of problems, what thing will he face that will be the most important challenge? >> well, clearly the most important sort of policy challenge he will have is the budget. the budget cuts that d.o.d. is trying to implement and what they will face as the budget discussions go on and the executive branch continues will
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be his biggest policy challenge. his biggest tactical military challenge is two-fold. it's both iran's nuclear program and the ongoing conflict in syria. what's the appropriate u.s. role? what is the role that the u.s. military should play in the resolution of the existing challenges. i think that's his big military challenge. >> one of the things people were complaining about is something he said in the past where he talked about the power of the jewish lobby, in his words. he addressed that. listen to this. he talked about israel. >> i think my record is clear on my support of israel. i would continue to support the president's policies. i think he's been as strong a supporter of israel as maybe any president since 1948. when harry truman helped give birth to israel. this president has been there, as he said, i have israel's
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back. >> fran, are you convinced when he says that? >> well, look, more importantly it's whether or not the american people are convinced. and how many women chuck would lead as secretary of defense, what do they think? frankly, suzanne, look. statements in the past are a problem for chuck hagel. you noted when he was addressing the issue he talked about president obama's record. he really didn't directly address. he said, you know, i have been a friend of israel. he didn't deny he made the statements. he couldn't. he deferred to president obama's record. i think that's the safest bet for him. he took the right tact in terms of the answer there. >> all right. fran townsend, thank you. appreciate it. an oscar-nominated movie is finding a receptive audience in
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a surprising place. talking about "argo." hollywood's take on a real life mission to rescue american hostages from iran back in 1979. the film is officially banned by the iranian government. but apparently a hot commodity under ground. bootleg dvds are all over the place. there is reportedly much debate about the accuracy of the story. bootlegged movie distributors say it is the biggest seller in years. real life story of egypt's revolution is being written but there is one thing that's clear. the young behind the arab spring uprising are afraid that their voices are still not being heard. their anger boiling over on the streets in days of violent protest. ben wiedeman takes us there. >> reporter: the boys in the streets aim their whistles, taunts and gestures toward the line of riot police off tahrir
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square. kids just don't respect authority anymore, is a familiar refrain from the older generation. but in cairo it has been egyptian twist. for decades the state, the police inspired fear. but the revolution and its chaotic aftermath changed all that. 20-year-old muhammed, unemployed, describes the police. we used to respect them, but their dignity is gone. almost a quarter of egypt's population is between the ages of 18 and 29. more than half of whom live in poverty according to government figures. with the economy at a standstill, many have the same complaint. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> all the young want to work but can't find work. unemployed so he fights instead. this man is dismissive of the
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new generation of elected representatives. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: no one represents me, he says. i represent myself. everyone who wants to represent me just wants power. all the parties just want power. elections, elections. in a revolution, there are no elections. the police can rush the protesters, push them back a bit, but they can't chase them away. walls don't stop them. teargas doesn't phase them. during the revolution, political leaders came to tahrir square. these days it is considered too dangerous. politicians no longer come into the streets and the boys in the streets don't want anything to do with the politicians. it was the young in egypt's revolution but the old remain in the corridors of power. those at press conferences trying to mold the future are
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mostly old men. leaving the young and d disenfranchised with little means other than street battles to voice their anger, says researcher ahmad ramen. >> before the revolution. for them this revolution -- organization. >> reporter: the only way they can make their presence felt is with rocks. ben wedeman, cnn, cairo. >> here's more of what we are working on for this hour of "newsroom international." devastation and mass evacuations as floods rip across australia. a mexican sex cult now busted after women are allegedly forced into hard labor and prostitution by a man who told his followers he was jesus christ. [ loud party sounds ]
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12:19 pm
they say the hacking is coming from china. want to go live to beijing. our producer there steve jung. what's going on? how much do they know in connection with china? >> reporter: it's quite extraordinary. the thing happened after the times published an article about how the family members of the chinese premier amassed billions in business dealings during his reign as the head of the chinese government here. of course the chinese authorities were infuriated by this article. the hacking, according to the papers, started right before publication of the story presumably after the times told the authorities about a story asking for a response. according to the times the hackers appeared to be looking for any information related to the sources of that story. suzanne? >> explain it to the viewers here. i mean, it seems as if the new york times would have pretty good security when it comes to their internet and pass words and e-mails.
12:20 pm
how are they able to do this? >> that's right. what they did was something fairly simple. once they hacked into the first two reporters' e-mail accounts they installed ma a lware allowing them to take control of the computers. through those computers they gained access into the entire times network. eventually stealing every single password of every times employee. then taking control over 53 employee computers. quite extraordinary. >> how are the chinese responding to this? are they denying this? >> reporter: the chinese authorities have denied any involvement in such cyber attacks. we asked the foreign ministry. they called accusations baseless and the news reports irresponsible. also the chinese government has been cracking down on hacking activities and the military has
12:21 pm
never supported hackers, suzanne? >> on the phone with us from san francisco this is nicole pearlroth who wrote this article. nicole, first of all, tell us what's the impact on the paper here? how are they responding to this? we have been responding for the lath few months, only coming public with it now because we feel confident we have gotten the hackers out of the system and put out new defenses that will hopefully keep them out next time they try to get in. we have known about this and we kept quiet until now because we didn't want to tip off the hackers that we knew what was going on. we wanted to get a full grasp of what was going on before we went public with it. >> what kind of information did the hackers obtain? is the newspaper concerned that there are secrets, information that's out there that could put
12:22 pm
the employees in danger? or sources from stories? >> no. this was a targeted attack. i want to be clear. we were able to see what they were after. what they were after was clearly what they perceived to be sources for an investigation that my colleague david barbosa did in october to the net worth of relatives. china's prime minister. the interesting thing there is david sourced the article through publically available documents in china. there was some speculation that there was some sort of deep throat or someone came over and dumped a bunch of oh documents on his lawn when, in fact, this was a year-long reporting effort where he was searching out their business interests through publically available documents. so while the hackers were clearly after what they perceived to be sources for the story, they found nothing.
12:23 pm
among the documents they took, there was nothing sensitive taken. >> nicole, i am assuming everybody has new pass words, new e-mails and there is a sense that -- could this happen again? >> it very well with could. they call these attacks a.t.t.s which stands for advanced persistent threat. there is a reason today call them advanced and persistent. once hackers have a targeted motivation, come after you, the likelihood that they will come back is high. so we have continued to monitor our systems. this is an ongoing efrt by the new york times and by the security firms hired to monitor the systems. we are just sort of doing this partly coming public with this as an educational effort to exercise vigilance in terms of what they click on, what personal information they give away and what they put up on
12:24 pm
social media sights, et cetera. >> thank you so much. that's a fascinating article and certainly a window into many of the media outlit lets that are targets of the hacking and the kind of internet security that's used to combat it. thank you, nicole. major flooding forcing thousands from their homes. this out of australia. this is the northeastern state of queensland. you have high water damage that left behind from a tropical cyclone. houses, hospitals, businesses, all flooded out. so far four people reported dead from drowning or accidents. you see the rising water. emergency officials evacuating towns on the coast predicting more devastation as rivers come out of their banks. forecasters expect the flooding to get worse before it gets better. this guy told them he was jesus christ. then police say he raped them. this is a bizarre sex cult now busted in mexico.
12:25 pm
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spx mexican authorities have raid add cult they say forced
12:28 pm
people into labor and prostituted young women. it allegedly operated across from laredo, texas. raphael joins us to talk about the cult and alleged leader who first of all claimed he was jesus christ and people believed him. >> it started in an innocent way. thgs this is a group of foreigners who said we'll train you to control your mind. then little by little the leader of the group, a man identified as ignacio reba, a spanish national started convincing followers of the cult that he was jesus christ reincarnated and was on earth to help them. i had an opportunity to speak to the sector for victims. she originally made the complaint with the federal government in mexico about this organization.
12:29 pm
and the type of abuses people were suffering from. not only forced labor but sex slavery. listen to the way he controlled their minds to do whatever he wanted them to do. >> they offered to people they are going to be rich. you are going to have powers. you are going to be able to develop or know or grow a little bit in spirit where you are going to be able to, et cetera. some people listened to it. they believed that. especially people who are in economic need. ms. garcia said this man was asking people for $130,000 to offer course where is he would teach them how to heal people. then he started changing the way he operated.
12:30 pm
and thought that he was going to portray himself as jesus christ. now he made a very interesting, bizarre connection between sex and jesus christ. listen to what garcia said. >> jesus was now asking everybody to practice sex because through sex they were going to get power. >> that sounds a little crazy to me. they actually believed he looked like jesus. how did it happen where the connection was made and people bought into it? >> we have video of the website they operated where he looks at ancient paintings of christ and places those pictures in front of his face saying look at my eyes, my forehead, my nose. i am jesus. i look just like jesus.
12:31 pm
but he was taking advantage, according to ms. garcia who is a psychologist. people who were in an emotional situation who had some means. they were very good at targeting people and making sure that they were alone and they had nobody to defend them. >> where is this guy now? >> all 14 are locked up in mexico city. six spaniards, two from bolivia, venz, ecuador and argentina. all 14 were operating this cult in mexico were arrested in a raid by mexican security forces. >> fascinating story. thank you. appreciate it. we are following the story of a man with a gun who burst into an elementary school, started shooting. sounds like a familiar story. this happened in scotland. this was almost two decades ago.
12:32 pm
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school shooting in newtown, connecticut, is fuelling new calls for gun restrictions here in the united states. in dunblane, scotlanscotland, ar tragedy led to major changes in gun laws. not everybody is happy with the outcome. here is nick robertson. >> reporter: when it comes to changes in gun law, this small, sleepy scottish town has a story to tell. it was the power of the people here a decade and a half ago that helped push through radical reforms in british gun law.
12:36 pm
it begins march 13, 1996 in dunblane primary school. at 9:35 a.m. local man thomas ha a milton walks in carryinging four pistols and 743 rounds of ammunition. more than one bullet for every child and teacher in the school. four minutes later he has fired 109 rounds. 165-year-old children died along with their teacher. ten other children and three teachers are injured. with the last round hamilton takes his own life. his daughter so if i was killed. steve's son was badly injured. >> after two or three days my concern was somebody with a gun
12:37 pm
had done that. you don't have shootings without guns. >> reporter: north wasn't alone. other parents called for gun law changed helped by a countrywide demand for reform. more than 700,000 signatures collected. more than one for every hundred people across the nation. although he spoke out at the time, north has been silent of late, agreeing to talk to me, re-open old wounds because he hopes his experiences can help the people of sandy hook change gun laws, too. >> the personal things had to be there in order to make it real for people. >> is it painful? >> yeah. still is. >> since the attack, handguns have been banned and tougher
12:38 pm
background checks are in place to have a weapon you must be checked by police. cleared by your doctor and have two independent witnesses who can testify to your good character. what criminal experts are telling us is over the past decade if britain, gun crime has more than halved. from 2003-2004 when there were more than 24,000 gun crimes to just last year when there were little more than 11,000. >> the laws to people who felt this was a terrible disastrous happen haing. we didn't like them.
12:39 pm
he says british gun law could have prevented sandy hook. his point, licensed weapons in the uk are now stored so securely under lock and key and police oversight that even other family members cannot get them. >> it was his mother's weapon. how did he get it? >> in britain it wouldn't have been. >> no. >> for years dunblane has reflected on the loss. the belief here, it has not been in vain. cnn, dunblane, scotland. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern anderson cooper is looking at both sides of the gun debate. that's 8:00 eastern tonight here on cnn. how close are the north koreans
12:40 pm
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there is a war of words intensifying on the korean peninsula. south korea today issued a statement warning of a severe outcome of arch rival north korea if it carries out another nuclear test. this comes after north korea threatened to conduct more rocket and nuclear tests. the u.n. slammed the recent rocket launch while seoul worries the north is ready and able to conduct a third nuclear test. it's waiting for the leader to give the go ahead. britain's prince charles takes a ride on the tube. he and camilla traveled one stop. it happened yesterday. the royal ride was marking the 150th anniversary of the
12:44 pm
underground commuter railway. it is the first time that the prince has ridden the tube since 1986. he looks comfortable there. check this out. this is unbelievable. look at that. that's not a dark cloud. those are birds flying in synch over israel. we'll explain how. to pick up some accessories. d a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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this is a disturbing story
12:47 pm
out of malaysia. more than a dozen elephants have been found dead. this is in a protected forest. they are rare borneo pygmy elephants, an endangered species. officials believe there are only 1500 alive in the world. 14 have died in recent weeks. officials don't know why. they are wondering why this is happening. philippe cousteau is president of earth international. do we understand what's happening to oh the rare elephants? >> well, there is a strong suspicion that the 14 pygmy elephants were poisoned. world wildlife fund and other agencies are on the ground trying to get to the bottom of this. as i said, it's not uncommon act that human-wildlife conflict leads to the killing of animals. this scale of 14 elephants is unprecedented.
12:48 pm
>> why would they be poisoned? how would it happen? >> this region of borneo is -- large parts of the area are covered 60% in forest. a lot of it is scheduled to be converted to farmland. one of the problems is a lot of palm oil plantations are going in. that encroaches on elephant territory and people and humans conflict. palm oil is worth a lot of money. so people tend to try to remove elephants. >> you're saying they intentionally leave out poison for the elephants? they are trying to kill them? >> they lace pineapples or hearts of palm -- elephants love them not dissimilar to human beings with fast acting poisons. while the necropsy has not been completed, they believe due to hemorrhaging and ulcers in the intestinal tracts and bleeding
12:49 pm
they were poisoned. i was on the next door island of sumatra a year ago doing a documentary about this issue. it is increasingly common as palm oil used in chocolate, soap and other products is very lucrative for malaysia and indonesia. >> are people being held accountable? are investigators going after the folks elephants? >> wildlife fund is present and active in the area. we were with them in sumatra. what's concerning is there are only 1200 of these elephants left. literally in one fell swoop 1% of the population was wiped out. it doesn't have to happen. there are solutions establishing wildlife corridors between areas. we visited local communities in sumatra that found nonlethal methods of firecrackers, lights, loud horns to keep elephants from encroaching on land. we don't have to kill these
12:50 pm
precious, incredible creatures that are already disappearing. >> absolutely. tell us about the other story. there is a u.s. navy ship wreck off the philippines. the military said it will chop it up, get it out of there. is that the right approach? can you tell us what's happening? >> another piece of bad news. a couple today. unfortunately this is a terrible tragedy. u.s. navy mine sweeper ran aground on a coral reef that happens to be a unesco world heritage site in the philippines. we have lost 25% of the world's coral reefs. another 25% is rapidly declining. for this type of activity to happen -- for a u.s. navy ship to run aground and destroy precious coral that takes thousands of years to grow is a tragedy and unconscionable. we don't knowle exactly what happened, why the ship ran aground.
12:51 pm
it hasn't happened for 40 years. the navy has a good safety record. at this point all they can do is cut up the ship. if they were to drag it off the reef it would cause more damage. they hope to go in with ship-bound cranes, cut up the ship which is mostly wood, lift it and remove it from the reef. i hope the navy will try to compensate the philippines and the world for the loss of precious coral. >> you're talking about a whole eco-system under water. destroyed. >> the most diverse eco-systems in the world are coral reefs. people think it's rain forests or terrestrial environments. it's coral reefs and they are disappearing far too quickly around the world. >> thank you. also, stick around to check out this. this is amazing. i want to show the viewers. these are birds. starlings to be exact. they are flying synchronized here. it looks like dark clouds.
12:52 pm
this is over israel. we understand they do this to find food and also to be a defense against birds of prey so they appear to be one big mass. have you ever seen anything like it? >> i have never seen anything like this with this species of birds n. the ocean, fish swarm in similar ways. it is an effective defense that confuses birds, animals. it can confuse a predator. if nothing else, it's so beautiful, isn't it? a reminder of the wonder of nature. how graflt we should be that there are still sights like this left in the world. >> it is beautiful. it reminds me of hitchcock's "the birds," too. there are two sides to it. just saying. >> indeed. that's in the back of one's mind. >> thanks. good to see you. imagine this -- living in smog that's so thick you would be willing to pay money for a
12:53 pm
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12:55 pm
we have very sad news. breaking news, as a matter of fact. we are getting a statement here now from the family of caleb moore. you may recall he was the
12:56 pm
snowboarder, just 25 years old. he was performing in the winter x games. he crashed in the winter x games. he has since passed away. this was -- he was in critical condition on tuesday. he was performing a flip-off jump. he was injured in that. this is the family's statement that was just released. the family confirming now this snowmobiler, caleb moore and his death. on behalf of the moore family this morning, caleb moore passed away. he will be truly missed and never forgotten. the family wishes to express their deep gratitude for support they have received from friends and familyrom around the world that caleb inspired. they would also like to thank the physicians and medical staff at aspen valley hospital and grand junction for their care and dedication. this is caleb moore, only 25
12:57 pm
years old, now has passed away. we're going to take a break. s tt exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life.
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1:00 pm
fema fell later in the day. this was what was left behind. time magazine reports the sink holes are a growing problem in chinese cities. under ground bomb shelters are blamed for dozens of sink holes in beijing. i'm suzanne malveaux. president obama's nominee for defense secretary facing tough questions on capitol hill. the senate arms committee is holding a confirmation hearing for chuck hagel. critics say he's too soft on iran, too cool toward israel. hagel addressed another criticism -- his opposition to the troop surge in iraq. >> as to the comment i made about the most dangerous foreign policy decision since vietnam was about not just the surge but the overall war of choice going into iraq. that particular decision that
1:01 pm
was made on the surge but more to the point our war in iraq, i think was the most fundamentally bad dangerous decision since vietnam. aside from the costs that occurred in this country to blood and treasure, aside from what that did to take our focus off of afghanistan which, in fact, was the original and real focus of the national threat to this country, iraq was not. >> so one member of the committee has already said hagel is the wrong person to be the defense secretary. >> do i respect senator hagel, his record today demonstrates he would be a staunch advocate for the continuation of misguided policies of the president's first term, retreating from
1:02 pm
america's global leadership role and shrinking the military would not make america safer. on the contrary it would endanger our allies and provide opportunity for nations that do not share our interests to fill a global leadership vacuum we leave behind. for these reasons i believe he's the wrong person to lead the pentagon at this perilous and consequential time. >> so far only one republican senator endorsed hagel, senator thad cochrane of mississippi. a teenager gunned down in chicago is the new face of the gun battle. and the control over guns as well. hadiya pentle ton's family members support using her death to help shape the debate to make a point. it was just a week ago monday the 15-year-old and some of her high school classmates were performing at the president's inauguration.
1:03 pm
tuesday of this week she was shot to death. just blocks away from the obama's home in chicago. she was the 42nd person killed in that city this month alone. ted rollins joins us. that's an unbelievable figure. these are children, teenagers. it's hard to even wrap your head around that kind of -- that number when you think that those kids are being killed in that city at that rate. what's going on? >> well, to be clear it was the 42nd murder of the year, not murder of a child this year. but over the years there have been dozens of innocent children killed in the cross fire in the ongoing violence problem here in chicago. right now as we speak there is a news conference going on. rahm emanuel the mayor here and gary mccarthy have announced they will move 200 officers from desk positions, put them on the street. it's part of a several pronged
1:04 pm
plan they are trying to implement here. they also want the public's help. they want religious leaders to help. principals and parents to help. they hope the death of hadiya pendleton will motivate people to take this seriously. her death has been felt in chicago and across the country. >> i'm hadiya. >> she was a kid that always seemed to have a smile on her face. which you can see in this youtube video. that's how friends describe 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, the latest innocent victim of gun violence in the city of chicago. she had just returned from the inauguration in washington where she performed with her high school majorette team. this is the girl who was next to her. >> it was a good trip. she was real happy. she was a nice person. she smiled all the time.
1:05 pm
never frowned. she was never mad. never sad. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon hadiya had finished a final exam and was with a group of friends avoiding rain under a park shelter. a gunman came out from behind this fence and started shooting. the park where she was killed is one mile from president obama's home in chicago. >> the president and first lady's thoughts and prayers are with the family of hadiya pendleton. all of our thoughts and prayers are with the family. the president said we will never be able to eradicate every act of evil in this country. if we can save even one child's life, we have an obligation to try when it comes to the scourge of gun violence. >> reporter: dick durbin brought up hadiya talking about her trip to wash windshield. >> it was the highlight of her young life. yesterday in a rainstorm after school she raced to a shelter. a gunman shot her dead. just a matter of days after the
1:06 pm
happiest day of her life, she's gone. >> reporter: it's been a deadly start to 2013 in chicago. hadiya is the 42nd murder victim already this year. 506 were killed in 2012. >> she's what's best in the city. a girl who had been to school, taken a final exam who was at the inaugural. we have a responsibility to see a stop to this. all of us are responsible. >> reporter: at king college prep high school students sent the day with parents and grief counselors talking about hadiya and her wonderful smile. >> it's too much. every other day you're hearing shootings and killings. now what's happening is more parents are burying their children. it needs to stop. >> suzanne, the problem here is so complex. yes, there are too many guns on the streets of chicago.
1:07 pm
one of the other issues being addressed in the news conference going on now is that they have trouble convicting anybody on these murders. hadiya a was killed with several witnesses in the area. nobody has come up with a good description of the suspect. police say they are having trouble in this case just as they have in other cases. people are so fearful of gain retribution they will not provide details to police. they are not getting convictions of the murderers. they are running wild on the streets of chicago. >> this has been a problem. you and i have talked a lot about this last year because of the violence on the street and so many young people who were killed last year. i wonder if there will be any kind of new ideas that the mayor says he'll put more people on the streets. if there is more community building or something that needs to take place within the city. it is just tragic. ted, thank you very much. appreciate it. we are also following a bizarre ongoing hostage situation in southern alabama.
1:08 pm
a 5-year-old boy was taken from a school bus by a man who shot the bus driver dead, killed him. police think the two of them are under ground in a makeshift bunker. george howell is in midland city, alabama now. we have been following the story for the last two days now. do they have a sense of how this little boy is? are they able to monitor him and this man who has taken him hostage? >> reporter: we were supposed to get a 1:00 p.m. update from investigators. that didn't happen which gives us every indication that it is the same information we got early on. investigators have made contact with jim any dykes. the investigation continues. they believe the young 5-year-old boy has not been physically harmed, is physically unharmed at this point. they were also able to get him medications. he suffers from as berger
1:09 pm
syndrome and adhd. they were able to get him crayons and coloring books, two thing that is the child specifically asked for. investigators are tight-lipped. but as we get the updates, the best news we have gotten is at this point the child is still physically unharmed. >> what do we know about the man holding him? >> when you talk to neighbors, and i spoke to several neighbors just right along the street, along the area near his home. they describe him as a reclusive man. they describe him as paranoid. also a person who worried about alien abductions. we also learn that he has a criminal background. we know he was charged with improper exhibition of a firearm in the '90s in florida. that case was administratively dismissed. he was also arrested back in
1:10 pm
2001 for possession of oh marijuana. under 20 grams. so this is not the first time. in fact, he was supposed to be in court, suzanne, just yesterday to face a menacing charge for allegedly firing his pistol at a neighbor. this is not the first time he's had a run-in with the law. >> george, why does this guy have a bunker in the first place? is this something people were aware of? >> i spoke to jimmy davis, one of the neighbors who says mr. dikes fire add a pistol at a him. he described it as 15 feet by 15 feet wide, ten to 12 feet deep. he said ever since dykes moved into the property some two years ago he's been digging on the property every other day. this seems to be something that's been in production for some time.
1:11 pm
still unclear why he built it. investigators are doing what they can to get him out of it. >> finally, there is a good guy in the story. that's the bus driver who saved the lives of all the other kids on the bus when that guy came in and said he wanted some children. what do we know about the bus driver who was killed? >> reporter: right. charles polland. he was described as a bus driver who did everything he could to protect the kids he took care of each day. he's not a person who wanted a lot of recognition for what he did. but took his job seriously. on that day when you talk to people you get the story that he kicked the bus back into reverse to try to knock mr. dykes off balance. it didn't happen that way. in fact, he lost his life trying to protect the kids. in this community mr. polland is revered as a hero. just the other day there was a
1:12 pm
prayer vigil for him just because of what he did. people definitely took recognition. >> sure. george, please let us know if there is an update on how that little boy is doing and whether or not he's okay. thank you. the shooting comes as the country is looking at ways to curb gun violence. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern anderson cooper is looking at both sides of the debate 8:00 eastern tonight on cnn. police in arizona say they have found the body of a man matching the description of a suspected gunman who has now been on the loose. that suspect is 70-year-old arthur douglas harman. it is believed he opened fire in a phoenix office building yesterday shooting three people. one of the victims died. the officers appear to have found his body in a nearby city of messa. the apparent cause of death a self-inflicted gunshot wound. coming up, the man who says
1:13 pm
he was behind that hoax that broke manti te'o's heart. he's speaking out and tells dr. phil he's in love with te'o. here's what else. senator menendez is facing accusations of taking luxurious trips to the dominican republic. he also used the trips to party with prostitutes. menendez says none of it is true. the fbi was spotted at the offices of the donor. and the fda is making it harder to get painkillers because more than 16,000 people die in the united states more than hurricane and cocaine combined. then newtown remembers. how it is hoped to change gun
1:14 pm
laws. >> we can turn this into the event that turned the tide that empowered us as individuals, a society and the world to choose love. >> we'll hear from one of the victim's parentses. this is cnn newsroom. it's happening now. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight.
1:15 pm
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. want to bring you some sad news here. this is news of 25-year-old snowmobiler caleb moore who has died. you might recall he attempted a backflip with his snowmobile at the winter x games in aspen, colorado, last week. he could not complete the move to land the maneuver. the skis dug into the slope bringing his snowmobile, a 450-pound snowmobile, crashing down on him, crashing on his chest and head. the family has now released a statement here on his death saying this morning caleb moore
1:18 pm
passed away. he will be truly missed and never forgottenen. the family wishes to express their deep gratitude for all the prayers and support they have received from all the fans, friends, and family around the world that caleb has inspired. we want to wish his family our condolences as well. manti te'o, you may remember he's the notre dame star linebacker who said he was duped into an online relationship with a fake girlfriend. well, now the man who says he was behind this all, the mastermind of the hoax, is speaking out in an interview with dr. phil. ronaiah tuiasosopo said he was, quote, deeply in love with te'o oh. >> we have a young man that fell deeply, romantically in love. >> does he say that? >> i asked him straight up.
1:19 pm
was this a romantic relationship with you? he said, yes. i said, are you then therefore gay? he said, well, when you put it that way, yes. and then he caught himself and said, i am confused. >> dr. phil's two-part interview airing today and tomorrow. newtown remembers. how the community is hoping the tragic school shooting there will help change gun laws. you will hear from one of the victim's parents. >> changes need to happen with bans on those sort of weapons. military-style, high capacity clips and magazines.
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
did you know more than 16,000 americans died from overdosing on painkillers in 2010? that's the most recent year data is available. there are no other drugs responsible for as many deaths. not cocaine, nothing. last week an fda panel called for new restrictions on painkillers. they want the products containing hydro codone to be reclassified as a stronger controlled substance.
1:23 pm
doctors would prescribe fewer drugs at a time. vicodin is the most widely prescribed medication in the country. joining us is dr. drew from our sister network hln. this is obviously one of your areas of expertise -- addiction. >> yeah. >> why has this grown to be such an incredible problem in our country? >> you know, it is a terribly complicated problem. i will try to break it down. having me here speaking about this is like bringing on a cardiologist saying, tell us about the heart. it's complicated. i will say we have overdone a great medication. opiodes take away pain and suffering for short term pain. we have used them so liberally i challenge any of you to look in the medicine cabinet and see if you don't have codeine, vicodin, something left from a procedure
1:24 pm
and your kids see it. they see how casually we use these medications and they are dangerous and profoundly addictive. 2500 15 to 17-year-olds will try these medications today in an abusive fashion. people get on them and have trouble getting off and trigger the disease of addiction. so it is liberally used, casually managed and we have a world in which physicians aren't trained to identify when somebody is getting into trouble and what to do when they do. a simple question you should ask yourself, have i ever been addicted to anything? do i have a family history of alcohol or addiction? if i do i should never be on these medications more than a few days and certainly no more than two weeks. as a physician we are hurried. we were giving historically 60 tabs, 60 tabs every time the patient came in.
1:25 pm
it works. it's wonderful. the first thing you learn is how to take pain away. it's rewarding for the doctors but it has another problem it triggers. >> how do you know if you're addicted? you're taking pills. you might be recovering from a procedure. how do you know you have crossed the line and you're not just taking it in a casual way? >> well, there is no casual -- suzanne, do we have to talk after the show? s there is no casual use of these medications. that's all i'm saying. if you are taking them appropriately for two weeks or more you should ask yourself, have i gotten into something here? inadvertently. there is no sinister intent here. you had a knee procedure and now you're a month in and still taking the stuff? there is a problem. if you graduate then into chronic pain or past acute pain there is no biological, reproducible, systematic evidence that opiodes are good
1:26 pm
for chronic pain? it's complicated. limiting the amount we can give begins the process of improving what's going here. i'll tell you what. the problem i see is today when my patients with addiction die of addiction and i will tell you almost without exception. maybe one in the last three years this has not been true. when they die of addiction they die a pill death. i courage you to direct your attention to the news. all the celebrities that die of addiction. not cocaine, alcohol. they are dying of pills. we have to address the problem. >> if you think somebody is addicted what should you do? how do you get people to listen? >> do not tiptoe around or walk on egg shells. it's the silliest thing in the world. if you tell them you care and you think there is a problem, that's ridiculous. i love you, i'm trying to help you.
1:27 pm
once you get past that, talk to the physician who may be describing these things. find a referral. someone who knows how to treat the process. do not be bashful. get to an a expert fast. do not go alone. there are 12-step meetings on every corner for the addict and the family. it is free and has a magically positive impact on the disease. >> thank you so much. >> you can watch dr. drew on hln. this is not a job description you see every day. marijuana consul is tant. the washington state liquor control board started the bidding process for officially sanctioned marijuana consultants. king saying the state is looking for people to give advice in areas such a marijuana cultivation, retail sales, transportation, security and quality control. >> i never thought that i would
1:28 pm
watch how to roll out this initiative. >> or a joint. >> or a joint. >> washington and colorado became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. >> the families of newtown, connecticut shooting victims hope they can change some of the gun laws. ng ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable, and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life? bring it with bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker-upper... now costs even less.
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1:31 pm
a lot of opinions over gun control. some very much on opposite ends here expressed by a community that is still very much in pain. we are talking about of course the folks in newtown, connecticut. it was just last night they packed into a high school audit a tore yum just minutes from where the massacre took place. they were speaking to a state task force on gun laws.
1:32 pm
for six hours, you can imagine they spoke from their hearts. many of them parents who lost their kids in that mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. some really don't believe there should be gun rights or other gun rights or restrictions as we well. >> it's needed for home protection and to protect our families and children. where were those weapons the day of sandy hook elementary massacre? they weren't in the hands of somebody who could protect our children or my family, my son. or the other 25 victims. they were in the hands of a mentally unstable person who took those lives of those kids and those teachers. >> that was neil heslin, father of 6-year-old jesse lewis, one of 20 children killed in the
1:33 pm
newtown rampage. he joins us live from newtown. first of all my condolences to you and the family. i can't even imagine what you are going through right now. what give use the strength to come out and speak about this publically? >> i really don't know. i just feel it's something i have to do for jesse. along for the other victims. i feel a change, a stand has to be taken with the assault weapons and military-style weapons in high capacity magazines. that's a starting point for safer schools. i just feel very strongly that we don't need those weapons. i want to see them banned. >> do you think there are other parents who are listening to you because there are other parents
1:34 pm
as well who lost their children who don't agree and who feel like, you know, if somebody has a gun and they want to kill people, they will find a way no matter what laws are in place. >> i agree with that. i'm not looking to ban or see all guns banned or weapons banned. but i just feel very strong. there is no place for these assault rifles in our community or in the hands of oh civilians. they were designed for military purposes and their sole function is to kill people. i have seen what they have done in our school, the battlefields and on the street. there is just no purpose for them. they're not something that you would -- that would be used for hunt hunting. that was a big factor in what
1:35 pm
happened at sandy hook elementary. and what caused the massacre there. >> neil, let me ask you this. this may not be something your community agrees on. it may never be a point of agreement for people who are on different sides of the aisle on this. how do you move forward? how do you heal as a community? >> well, i think it's going to take a long time for this community to heal. i think time is the only thing that's going to make it heal or help heal. there is a lot of heavy hearts. there is a lot of sadness here still. it's going to be a long road. i don't know fit ever will heal to where it was before. but the communities come together. the people bonded together. they have stuck together.
1:36 pm
there's a lot of support coming from all a over. >> neil, do you feel it is a good idea what is taking place here, the fact that you were out there six hours, other people in the community out there who were just simply explaining what this means to them, what it means to you? is this process help in any way? >> yeah. i believe it's a positive thing that is helping. i believe it helps people to talk, to express their feelings. there's not just one answer or one solution to prevent things like the massacre that happened at sandy hook elementary from happening again. there's many factors, many changes that i believe have to
1:37 pm
occur to make it a re alitreali. the one thing i feel very strong is the ban on these assault weapons. i believe the mental health issue is another strong factor. >> sure. >> those all together will lead to safer and more secure schools. >> neil, did it frustrate you at all? we saw some of the hearings and at some point it looked rather contentious, that people were shouting second amendment, second amendment for gun rights. did that moment frustrate you at all? >> no, it didn't. it didn't really phase me or bother me. i respect everybody's rights and their opinions. i think the way it was brought on was disrespectful.
1:38 pm
i don't think it was appropriate to blurt out like that at the legislative hearing. i asked a question. nobody answered the question. i haven't heard a legitimate answer to that question. >> what was that question? neil, i'm sorry, what was that question? >> my question that was asked that day was what purpose do those weapons serve in the hands of civilians? nobody could seem to give me an answer to that. their response was the second amendment. >> well, we know -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i do fully support the second amendment. my question still goes unanswered. what purpose do they serve? they're not weapons you will use as a hunting rifle.
1:39 pm
home security. i don't oh think it's even a safe thing to have in the home with children or inexperienced people. >> neil, we know that's a question, of course, that is unanswered for you. we know that you're going to continue to seek answers to the many questions to the loss of jesse and why things like this happened in the first place. we appreciate your time. we certainly hope that in time like you say, that you and the community are able to actually heal. thank you very much. appreciate it. the criminal investigation into the newtown shootings may take several more months to finish. prosecutors say it appears no criminal charges will be filed. adam lanza killed himself after the rampage. prosecutors say officials need to look at all of the evidence before closing that investigation. the nation's largest
1:40 pm
retailer putting a temporary cap on ammunitions sales. walmart said customers can buy only three boxes a day. ammunition has been in short supply in recent weeks. it is not known how long the limit will last. for the national rifle association's stance on the obama administration's plan to curb gun violence go to after the shooting in newtown president obama made it his mission to minimize gun violence. tonight, anderson cooper will talk about gun control, gun rights, advocates on both sides. watch "guns under fire" an anderson cooper 360 town hall special at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we now have breaking news out oh of texas. this is where the assistant district attorney of kaufman county was just gunned down. we are just learning this now. we're going to have more information on this after the
1:41 pm
break. begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. which can relieve pain all day with just two pills.
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1:44 pm
we've got breaking news out of texas. we understand an assistant district attorney of kaufman county named mark haas was just gunned down. nick valencia joins us to talk about this. describe the circumstances of this. how did this happen? >> this morning we got off the phone with the kaufman county sheriff's office. early this morning there was a shooting outside a county course house. the assistant district attorney for kaufman county mark haas was getting out of his car when he was assaulted and gunned down according to the kaufman county sheriff's office. the circumstances around the shooting, there is a lot to speculate. little confirmed now. another day, another shooting. >> the gunman, do we believe it is one or two? multiple gunmen? where are they now? >> the sheriff's office says there are suspects or a suspect still on the loose now.
1:45 pm
this is an active investigation. they are still actively looking for those shooters or a shooter. right now we don't know much about who did this or the motive. we do know police are looking for an older model ford sedan. no description on the suspect or suspects at this time though. >> when we say mark haas was gunned down, is he alive? >> he died of his wounds. he was pronounced dead shortly after the shooting. >> is there an a indication that investigators are looking at whether he was targeted, that this was not a random shooting outside the courthouse? >> that's a good question. a question we posed to the sheriff's office. they told us they are looking into the backlog of cases he may have been working on. previously he was a district attorney in neighboring dallas county. he left that job to be the assistant prosecutor in kaufman county. we don't know the motive behind the shooting and if he was, as you mention, perhaps targeted.
1:46 pm
we don't know at this point. >> do we know why we left the previous precinct? was he in danger and had to leave to go to another location? >> our assignment desk is working on making calls to find out more ab about the victim. an adult male, mark haas, his name just revealed to us. this is a fluid situation. suspects are on the loose. neighboring schools are on lockdown. this is a very active scene. texas dps is involved with aircraft and the texas rangers are involved in the investigation. it's very fluid. a lot of details pouring out of kaufman county near dallas. >> is he the only one they shot? >> the only victim. the only fatality we have heard of. so far that's all we've got. >> that's a breaking story, developing story. as soon as you have more we'll get you back on. >> absolutely. hacked. the new york times falling victim to a computer attack saying the source was china.
1:47 pm
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the new york times has now a hacker b problem, or at least it used to. editors say hackers from china broke into the servers, stole passwords and e-mail information. it apparently has been going on for several months. want to bring in mary snow from new york to talk about this. mary, we talked to the author of the article, nicole perlroth in the last hour. she said the paper kept it quiet for some time.
1:50 pm
because they were really just trying to figure out what was behind it all. what do we know now? >> right. suzanne, the times knew about i four months and they kept quiet until the hackers were blocked out of their system. this was a targeted attack and appears the hackers were looking for sources of a "new york times" investigative piece on the chinese prime minister. the times report said nothing sensitive from the piece was taken, but it said passwords for every employee were stolen. there security experts and they used techniques they said were similar to those used by the chinese military in the past. in a statement by the chinese foreign ministry, they said "all such alleged attacks are groundless, irresponsible accusations lacking proof or reliable research results. the times said they have gotten
1:51 pm
the hackers out of the system and security experts warn that they are likely to come back. >> i understand we are learning more about who these alleged hackers were in china. what do we know about them? >> i just spoke to the head of the security firm that was hired by the "new york times." they identified this group as apt 12. that stands for advanced persistent threat. the characteristics they have seen before associated with this particular group including these spear fishing schemes and also that they say the line of attack is first for these hackers to infiltrate computers at universities in the united states and then go after specific targets. what they are saying is what's unusual about this "new york times" story is that the times is speaking about it and say they are getting calls every day
1:52 pm
from companies across the united states about these hacking problems and not many of them want to go public with it. they said that's what's unusual in this case. we know so much about it. >> mary, thank you. appreciate it. another story, the "los angeles times" dealing with its own set of problems. check this out. a repairman who worked for the newspaper's distributors was also a thief. they say he stole a list of times subscriber who is wanted their papers held while on vacation. lice say the repair men and three others allegedly burglarized the subscriber's homes while they were away. more than a million dollars worth of property was stolen over a three-year period. the l.a. times said they are no longer going to share vacation information with distributors. good idea. ions on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food differently.
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soccer star david beckham taking as talents to paris. the mid-fielder was there today to announce he is joining the paris st. jermaine team. he was considering offers from several teams since ending the stent with the los angeles galaxy last month. he said he is going to donate his salary to a children's charity in paris. >> i won't receive salary. my salary will go towards a children's charity.
1:56 pm
a local children's charity in paris. that's one of the things we are very excited and proud to be able to do. >> nice. beckham's new contract is for five years. >> singing legend barbara streisand doing something she has not done in about 36 years. watch. ♪ i love her. she will be singing at the academy awards ceremony february 24th. last time she performed it was back in 1977 when she sang a star is born. this year she will be performing a tribute to music and movies. streisand of course a two-time academy award winner. what is the most popular job for women in america right now? we will let you know in a minute, but first the runner
1:57 pm
ups. it's a tease. nursing aide, followed by being a nurse. elementary or middle school teacher, the third most common job, the top two jobs in a moment. [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home.
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